What foods should I eat and what foods should I avoid during my cleanse?

In general you should avoid all sugars and starchy foods. For a complete list of foods we recommend click the link My Cleanse Shopping List.

How should I store my herbs?

We recommend storing your herbs in dry containers (preferably glass) in a cool dark location. Keeping them in the sun can lead to drying out the herbs or condensation and moisture in the glass which can create mold. 

Do I need to drink tea after my cleanse? If so, which tea is best?

Tea is recommended due to its ability to flush the system quickly, provide additional healing benefits and rid the body of any unwanted toxin build up and "dead" parasites left in the body. Teas such as Chickweed, Dandelion, Chrysanthemum, Olive, Pine or Fennel are great for just that!! However most herbal teas will work or you can stick with a favorite of mine hot water, lemon and honey. If tea is not your first choice you can always continue to drink lots of lemon water.  

Shipping, Refunds and Returns Policy

When will I receive my package?

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How can I track my package?

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